How To Connect with Angels and Guides

Updated: Oct 13

First, we ask who are our Angels and Guides?

We all have spirit guides. These helpful, loving beings offer us advice, protect us, and, guide us on our life journey. All spirit guides are helpful, however, they are not necessarily all the same type of spirit. Here are the different types of spirit guides, and a suggestion on how to connect with each. The best way to connect with any spirit being is by relaxing. Meditate, pray, walk in nature, sit quietly and ask. Ask to feel their presence, ask to know their name, ask to clearly communicate with them. Ask to be open to their messages.

Ancestral Spirits

An ancestor can be a recently departed loved one, like a favorite grandparent, uncle or they may be distant ancestors from generations past. It is possible they may not even be related to you. Cultural ancestors fall under the category of "ancestral spirit" just as much as blood relatives do.

These spirits work to support you from their position in the spirit realm. Their best work often comes in the form of helping us with more mundane things like, relationships, jobs etc.

Tools are helpful for connecting with ancestral spirits. You can create an ancestor altar set with photos of departed loved ones, an altar cloth, and fresh flowers. Even a small space on a shelf with photos of them, little objects which may have belonged to them or another symbol of them. You can make food offerings to your ancestors, and, when you have need of their advice, light a white candle, use a pendulum, tarot deck, or other divination tool to obtain their advice. When you are through, be sure to thank them for their help.

I find our loved ones and even ancestors will be able to access electrical items readily. They can get our attention by knocking, flicking lights, turning on the radio etc. My mother-in-law was fond of the microwave, turning it on and off and playing with the lights and fan.


We each haver guardian angels, helpful angels, and archangels. Each of these vary in their guidance and abilities.

Guardian angels are with you from beginning to end of life. You can call upon them for help at any time. There may be more than one for you! Guardian Angels pick you, that is they are devoted to you, they take an active interest in your life and love you unconditionally. They feel so deeply that they will take on some of your pain so you don't bear it alone or feel alone.

Helpful angels are a high vibration of spirits who look for people in need. They are not necessarily related to you. Some you may have known in this life, and others not at all. These wonderful beings may dip in and out of your life depending on your circumstances.

Archangels are the most powerful tier of angels. They don't attach themselves to people, but can be called on when needed. Each archangel has their own specialty. Chamuel, love; Michael, protection; Raphael, healing; etc.

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